Thursday, 21 June 2012

Good news to share......

I'm revelling in the role of proud mother today, as my lovely daughter successfully passed her QTS Numeracy Skills Test this morning at only the third attempt.

This means that she is now a fully qualified Teacher of English, having completed her PGCE at the Institute of Education over the course of the past year.

Back in the day, when I trained and qualified as a teacher in Scotland, things were very different.  I've been astounded at the sheer amount of work involved in the training process.  Today is officially the last day of her course, and having completed her two school placements with flying colours and handing in her dissertation last week, the final hurdle to her gaining Qualified Teacher Status was the Numeracy Skills Test, having passed the Literacy Skills Test first time.

I absolutely understand why teachers need to achieve a certain standard in literacy and numeracy, but why part of the numeracy test involves solving mental arithmetic questions in just 18 seconds is beyond me. 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz at maths, do have a go at one of the practice tests and see how you get on.  I'd be interested to hear your feedback.

However today, I'm delighted that on the very last day of her course, she can enjoy the end of term party this afternoon, knowing that she doesn't face the prospect of spending the summer repeatedly re-doing the test. 

Not only that, she's successfully secured her first teaching post at an amazing school, against fierce competition.

Pleased and proud doesn't even come close.......


Neen said...

Congratulations!!! (I am sure that Small Dog is smiling in appreciation of her accomplishment)

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Neen....

Small Dog has just had her dinner so she is indeed smiling as only she can.