Thursday, 7 June 2012

Caravan chronicles....

Apparently eskimos have 583 words for snow.

There or thereabouts.

Here in the UK we have roughly the same amount for rain.

This morning we had a light drizzle. By mid-morning though, it was limbering up and had graduated to intermittent showers, followed by steady rain, then full-on biblical deluge.

We gave up waiting for it to clear up and headed for the pub nearest the campsite for a pub lunch. Luckily they were dog friendly so Small Dog was ushered in to lie under our table on her blanky.

After a lovely lunch we were in no hurry to leave, so whiled away the time watching hikers squelching past, water pouring from every orifice.

However, against all the odds, late this afternoon, the clouds parted and a strange yellow burny thing appeared so we set up the bbq, then cooked and ate in our awning.


So we've ended the day watching a blinding sunset with a glass of something chilled.

I could get used to this....

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