Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rover reporter.....

this iss small dog. mi mum haz gonn two empti the toylet tanc witsh is kwite disgusten butt she has leftt hur smartfoan hear so i thort i wude giv mi loyle pholowurs ann updait.

Wee hav bean on a rali, witsh is whare a lott of peeple ol toe ther karravans two a feeld in the middel of knowhare. Thay hav kno ellektricks nor nuthing. it wos kwite gude tho. mi mumz poot me in for the FUN dogg sho. i wos kompleatli rubish becos i hav a badd legg  with 9 stitshes in and i had two doo an agilitee kors!

Mi mum wos rubbish two tho... she tryed too purrswayde me two jump ovr the barrz and go threw the tunilz and upp the rampz etc. Plus shea had too ware a dog hatt.

Nevurtheles i wun a bag of dog treets and a roaset, so knot two badd.

Affter ol the funn and hillaritie of the chewbillea weakend we hav come too a littel kampsight in the middel of knowhare two. i coll it the forristofdethandblud as it is kwite skarey inn the wudes. Olsow, last knite we hadd a huge tode in our onning. Mi mumz wer neerli hissterikle trien to gett it owt.

The fone iss gettin veri hott and keaps bleapen... sumthen abowt spellen. mi porrs ar kwite soar so i wil trie too send this befour mi mum kums bak.

Pee ess - shea mite hav had a fue glassis of wien tonite...


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

gt advntres, us wtchng cas fom winow, muppet & freebie x

PastMastery said...

Deer SD
Kiip up the gud werk!

Yoo gotta luk aftur yor umans..they ar kompleetly yoosles on there owun!

Lerve DDxx

Robin said...

Hope your leg is nearly better - and the Mumz are O.K. too.

Sandra Morris said...

helo evriwun....

i am bak hoam saifli olthow itt wos tutch and goe.

Larst nite ther woz a wind monsturr shaiking owr van. Mi mumz wer kwite skaird and so woz ay altho i tryd too stai kam.

own onning neerli blue awai and mi mumz hadd to goe owtsyd in neerli the midl off the nite too taik it doun. I wontid two goe and hellp butt thae sed i hadd two stai inn the worm and kosy karavvann.

the peepul neckst doar to uss onning did blo doun so mi mumz wennt owt in the gails to hellp.

I thinc mi mumz ar aktewali kwite braiv.

i amm trien two relacks nou.... sumtyms itt is gude to gett hoam.