Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday feeling..... where are you???

I feel a distinct lack of Fridayness today.  It may have something to do with the leaden grey skies and frequent showers and the fact that it's so cold I might have to dig out my thermal underwear, socks and fingerless mitts.

So much for summer.

Anyway.... there's probably a burning question hanging in the air, following my last post.

Q:  Sandra, have you made any progress with the accounts?

A:  NO.... buggeroff!

So that's cleared that up then.

In other news, I'm within a gnat's whisker of finishing the June Kit of the Month, which, if it's any later will be a solid contender for July Kit of the Month.  I've also 95% completed two commissions over the past few days so my lack of progress in one area (which shall remain nameless) is due to a lot of progress in another.  Which is all part of the Ying and Yang/Give and Take/To and Fro of life.

See..... I may not be feeling Fridayish, but I'm definitely feeling philosophical.


Robin said...

Yeah!! Philosophy gets you a long way.Lol

Neen said...

You have a great sense of humor, no wonder Small Dog is always smiling!