Friday, 8 June 2012


After a horrendous night, convinced that the awning was blowing inside out, and that the caravan was about to overturn, we've decided to cut our losses and try to get home. Not long after dawn we had to dress hurriedly and go outside in the teeth of a howling gale to take down the awning, most of whose ground pegs had been ripped up by the wind. Trying to control metres of nylon fabric determined to act like a sail in 70 mph winds was both terrifying and character forming!
However we haven't been able to leave the campsite due to the continuing high winds which make towing a high-sided vehicle extremely hazardous and foolhardy.
So we're hoping that the gales will abate enough for us to hitch up and get along the few miles of single-track, tree-lined road without incident or meeting anything coming in the opposite direction.
Not the best end to our holiday. All I want now is to get home safely and soon.
Fingers crossed...


Our Life In A Caravan said...

Where is your sense of adventure? We are still here, awning up (just) and wind dropping but only slightly.

Sandra Morris said...

My sense of adventure was overridden by my sense of self-preservation.

I'm an all weather-caravanner and I don't mind rain, snow, fog or any of the other vagaries of the British weather, but high winds DO scare me in the caravan. I think we got our little awning down just in time as the people next to us lost theirs!

Hope the weather clears up for you.... Flaming June!!

Robin said...

Looking forward to hearing you're all home safely.