Saturday, 19 January 2013

Insanity reigns.....

I am acutely aware that a large proportion of my blog readership are avid fans of hand crafted miniatures..

Unfortunately this post is NOT for those people.

So miniatures enthusiasts.... move along, there is nothing to see.

Today was always going to be a challenge.  After what feels like aeons of inactivity on the house front, we were booked to have a house viewing.  This entailed whipping the house into 'viewable' condition following the festive break.

No mean feat.

Which is why I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, tidying, cleaning, floor mopping  sobbing uncontrollably at the sheer futility of life, dusting, hoovering etc.

Meanwhile, PP had to make a mercy dash through the snow to collect Small Dog's new antibiotics, in the hope they might make an impact on what ails her.

Having sorted out the house, we had to turn our attention to the garden.  Normally a layer of snow would have been a godsend, transforming a dull January garden into a winter wonderland.  However we hadn't reckoned on Small Dog's ailment making it into a potential crime scene.  

The poor wee mite.... she has blood in her urine.  Lots of blood.  Which meant that our snowy white garden was liberally dotted with splashes of bright red against the virgin snow.  It looked like a particularly savage stabbing had been carried out on our patio.  Either that or it had been used as a set for the latest Texas Chain Saw Massacre film. 

Luckily, we recently acquired an unfeasibly large snow shovel, which PP put to good use concealing evidence of possible murder.

However, we needn't have bothered, as the house viewers didn't turn up.  

I was absolutely fuming mildly miffed.

Eventually our estate agent got back to us with a totally feasible excuse for the no-show (NOT the weather!) and they have rebooked for next week.  Which is probably just as well, as he's a police officer, so we could have found ourselves facing some tricky questions.

In other news, this made me laugh so much today I nearly wet myself.  It was shared by a FB friend, and normally I don't find much of the humour on FB very humourous, but I think the events of the past week have gone to my head and tipped me over the edge of sanity into mild hysteria.

It so neatly illustrates the dichotomy between the face WE think we have and want to present to the internet community, and our actual face which we inevitably end up revealing to the real world. 

The eternal struggle between the ego and the id.  

A physical representation of the Jekyll and Hyde sides of our split personalities.

A perfect illustration of why the internet is termed virtual reality.

Plus the cat in the tagged photo does look really funny.....  

Hmmmm.  Like I said, it's been a long, challenging day.

Normal service will be resumed...... to be honest, I have no idea when.



Karin F. said...

has anyone told you yet, what a great thing dead-pan humor is? Oh guess they have, so I needn't tell you that you have it in abundance!

Keep up these wonderful emails. They brighten the day.
hugs K
oh and fingers crossed for your house viewing, whenever it happens.

Sandra Morris said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

If our house viewers down't turn up as arranged on Tuesday that's it... two strikes and they're out.

Unless of course they fall madly in love with our house and beg us to let them buy it.

In which case all is forgiven.


Neen said...

Ok, how did my picture get on the Internet? I hope SD is doing better. (And your buyers buy!)

Best, Neen