Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tempus fugit......

Why is it that some weeks crawl along at a glacial speed and others simply zip by?

This week has been quite zippy, and apart from the 'divers alarums' I've been working steadily towards the Thame Fair on 23rd February as I fully intend to have some new items to unveil.

Today, for example, I've been doing the first china paint firing on a batch of  tiny doll's dolls and porcelain toys.  Some of the dolls are new and I needed to develop a different technique which required a specific type of tool.
Designing and creating tools is one of PP's special skills, so I explained what I needed, and within an hour I had a prototype tool which has proved perfect for the job.

Thanks to everyone who has enquired after Small Dog.  She's still not right, and we're rather worried that the problem may be with her kidneys and not her bladder as originally thought.  We have to update the vet tomorrow on how she's doing and she still has a few days of her medication left so we'll see how she is after that.

In a similar vein, my daughter is gradually improving and is now out of hospital, although not well enough to return to work.

That's quite enough medical excitement to be going on with and we're not even out of January yet!

In other news, temperatures here on the south coast are set to tumble even lower over the next few days with a high probability of snow and ice.


Having procured an enormous snow shovel I was quietly confident that we wouldn't have any snow this winter......

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