Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Small Dog Saga......

Small Dog had to go back the vet again this morning (third time in a week) to be sedated and have ultrasound scans and X-rays to see if they could identify the root of her recent problems.

There was good news and not so good news.

The good news is she doesn't appear to have a tumour, which is what the vet first suspected when she saw the U/S scans, as there were three large lumps in the bladder.  Fortunately an X-ray clearly identified the lumps as bladder stones..... three of them almost entirely filling the bladder, which explained the blood in her urine.  She's probably also been in quite a bit of pain, which would explain why she's not been her normal, cheerful self.

She will have to have surgery on Friday to remove the stones and flush out her bladder.

The not so good news is that she also has something peculiar going on with her blood, which the vet thinks is entirely unconnected.  She's running more blood tests today and again on Friday to see if she can work out what's going on.

So Small Dog has come home with a comedy haircut as they had to shave her flanks to scan her kidneys, all of her tummy, plus her neck to get blood.  She is resolutely refusing to be seen out and about until it's grown back as she is convinced that someone will say

"What eedjit's been cutting your dog's hair?"

which would obviously offend her sensibilities.

So we're girding our respective loins for Friday and debating whether we should set up camp on the floor in the lounge for a few nights after the op so that she can more easily be let outside and isn't tempted to try jumping up on anything.

Last time we did that we had to buy a new kitchen.  Don't ask..... it's a long story. 

In the meantime she's in her basket recovering from the sedation, looking very sorry for herself.  Now where did I put that nurse's uniform......?


Debbie said...

Archie & Ruby, send lots of licks and Get Well wishes to small Dog. Hoping all goes well with the tests and surgery.xxxxx

Sandra Morris said...

Awww....thanks Archie & Ruby.

Small Dog sends a plaintive wag.....