Saturday, 26 January 2013

Small Dog replies.....

Small Dog has been extremely touched by the many messages of love and support from all around the world, and requested that I post the following directly from her.....

Helo evriwun.....

Thanc yue ol so mutsch fore thincin of mea wheil i hav bean pewrli.  

I hav hadd a nopperashun on mi bladur too reamuve sum stoanes.  we hav lotts of stoans inn the gardin, sum off whitsh ar kwite larj, so hou thay gott into mi bladur i hav kno idear.

I hav gott stitshis onn mi underneeth, whitsh ar a bitt soar, and it stil hurtts two wea, butt knott ass mutsch ass it did larst weak.  i thot razir blaids wer kumen owt.  Olso blud.  I kude hav bledd two deth and thatt is knott evin ecksajeratin.

Olthow haven a nopperashun is knot mutsch funn mi mumz ar lewken aftir mea reeli gudli. Thai ar kewken mea luvli dinrs annd i am getten lots of stroakens annd sumtyms thai just gaiz att mea adoarenli and sai "helo mi luvli" annd "gude girrul" annd "wude yoo leik two bea kuvrd up.... hear, lett mea tukk yue inn with thiss worrum blankit" et set erra.

So itt is knott ol badd.

I kno thatt moast peepul reed mi mum'z blogg pewrli to heer abowt mee.  Shea duz rite a lode of rubish moast of the tym.  )Olso hur spellen leevs a lott two bea deesyrd.(  So itt iss gude to hav this oportewniti tue sai thanc yue to evriwun fore ol of mi Gett Wel Sune mesijis. 

luv and lix from Small Dog


Neen said...

Thank you Small Dog, we love you, and you are the only sane one among us. :0)

Margaret said...

It is nice to hear from Small Dog herself and to hear how well she is being looked after, sounds like she is on the mend.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Dear Small Dog:

I am glad you're feeling better, and that the operation was a success. I wish you all the best in your recovery!

Lisa Marie said...


PastMastery said...

helow SD
AI am sew gladd too heer yoo ar getin betur.
AI hav to hav an opurashun in Mey sew wee kan kompear skars then!

Bai the wey, I doo no the stowns in yer bladur werent frum the gardun. Yoo growd em yoo klevur thing yoo. Kip sum for a centementul bit of enuwee.


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

how lovely for small dog to write such a lovely letter, my doggies just had to reply,
si gad yu felng beerter, nt nci felng pworlie, I nos wat yu men abtu splng mi muny s jst isa bd
lx Muppet, Freebie, Mollie xx

Sandra Morris said...

Thanc yue orl fore the luvli koments. it iss veri kined of yue to rite.

Muppet, Freebie and Mollie....thanc yoo espeshali. i kno hou harrd itt iss to tipe with porrs.

DD... oh deer. sori tue heer yue hav to have a nopperashun in mai. wee wil sertaneli kompair skarrs. i have kwite a fuew.

meni thancs
SD xxxxx

Michelle said...

I see you've been so poorly small dog...I've been away some and missed all this! It's great you've told us how you are now and hope you feel better soon! No more eating stones huh! ;oP

Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Michelle....

However they were bladder stones not ones she'd eaten!