Thursday, 24 January 2013

Story of my life......

This cartoon is doing the social media rounds at the moment, shared by several of my miniatures friends and could just as well be titled "You Might Be A Miniature Artisan If....."

I can completely identify with all of the drawings except the one about forgetting to eat.

That never, ever happens to me no matter how much I'm engrossed in a project.

I could, of course, add several more miniature related observations, such as never throwing anything away which might possibly have small scale possibilities.

Or endlessly scrutinising everyday items for alternative miniature uses.

Or having a prized collection of dozens of different types of glue for every eventuality.

Or having an Ideas Book which runs to several volumes.

Or finding joy at the prospect of a whole morning spent dyeing silk ribbons.

Or spending more internet time researching miniature projects than looking at weird or funny animal videos.

Although the last one is sometimes a close run thing......


Jane Smith said...

wow this was awesome, yes...yes..yes..yes...uhh yes ;P

Sandra Morris said...


Welcome to the club..... ;)