Saturday, 26 January 2013

Operation SD......

My admittedly chaotic work schedule was badly affected yesterday, due to Small Dog's surgery.

We dropped her off at the vet early in the morning and stayed with her while she had her pre-med injection.

Then we came home and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I did try to do some creative work to keep myself occupied but it wasn't entirely successful.  Neither was my laughable attempt to catch up with paperwork, which is never my favourite task at the best of times.

Around 1pm we had a phone call from the surgery to say that Small Dog was in recovery and we could collect her at 3.15pm.  Needless to say she was really, REALLY pleased to see us after what must have been a bewildering episode for her.

The vet reported that her tiny bladder had been almost completely full of stones, one of which was almost 2cm long (?!) plus lots of much smaller ones.  The op took 55 minutes, which feels like a very long time for her to be anaesthetised, poor wee scrap.

She has a very neat scar, running along the midline of her lower abdomen, below her bikini line, and as the vet used soluble stitches she won't have to have them removed, thank goodness, although she has a couple of follow-up appointments to check on how she's healing.

Before we left to bring her home we were presented with the bill, the total of which was so large that the receptionist had to whisper it.

Think of a number.  Best make it quite a big number.  Now double it and add 67% of the original figure.


THAT much!

Fortunately, unlike us, Small Dog has health insurance.  

Unfortunately, we're lumbered with a large excess PLUS we have to pay 25% of each claim so we'll be on beans and toast for the next few months to make up for it.

I will never, EVER moan about the NHS again.....

She slept for most of the evening, although she did rally for long enough to take her painkilling meds, cunningly concealed in a small amount of ice cream.  We'd been warned that she might not be able to wee for a while, but she asked to go out in the garden and did manage a small wee, which I presume must have felt like passing razor blades, judging by the expression on her face.

She had a reasonably good night and is much perkier this morning.  She's even looking forward to a small amount of lightly scrambled egg for brunch.

Thanks to everyone who's sent her Get Well Soon wishes..... they have all been passed onto her and she's managed a wag of her tail in response.

We're all looking forward to a return to normality over the next few days.  I'm also fervently hoping that the 2013 Bad Luck Goblins have had enough amusement with us already this year and will leave us alone for the next 11 months.

*fingers resolutely crossed*


Lisa Marie said...

Hope small dog is feeling well soon. What kind of small dog is she? Can you post a pic?

Altbilbo said...

Really pleased for Small Dog!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Lisa....

Small Dog is a Yorkshire Terrior... if you look back through previous posts there are zillions of pics of her, the best of which most recently was on 13th January.


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Bill....

She's always grateful for good wishes.


Neen said...

Small dog, your Virginia fan club of one human and two large cats are so glad you are doing better! You are a brave little dog, and I know you are worth every penny the vet has charged (although I am sure most of the bill was for the pleasure of your company). You and your mumz are always welcome to visit here if you ever decide to do an American tour to meet your fans.

Best, Neen

Sandra Morris said...


Thank you for your moving eulogy.

Small Dog has asked me to pass on her heartfelt gratitude for your kind words.

If she feels up to it, she will respond to all her many loyal fans in person on the blog tomorrow.

Sx (and Small Dog sends a lick)

Lisa Marie said...

Thank you for directing me to her picture. She is adorable. I have my own small dog who is a Yorkie Poo. She has episodes of hypoglycemia and won't always eat when she should. So I understand the worries your little one must be giving you. Prayers for a speedy recovery!