Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Just in......

I'm always on the lookout for new tools and materials to make micro dollmaking easier, so I was delighted recently to discover a new line of superfine steel rods which are absolutely perfect for micro wigmaking.

Who would have thought that some lengths of silky smooth steel would send me into such paroxysms of delight?

Up until now, the finest needles I could reliably source were 1.25mm thick, which is great for making ringlet curls for tiny dolls between 1"-2" tall.  However, the new rods are available in 1mm and an even more amazing 0.70mm thickness so I just had to have some for my own use and to add to our Complete Micro Wigging Kits

These new rods will enable me to make exquisitely fine, delicate curls and tendrils to accentuate my doll's doll wigs.

My eagerly awaited order arrived today and I've only just added the new rods to our kits.  Packs of the three sizes of rods are also available to purchase separately, for customers who already have a complete wig pack, or for those who wish to purchase additional rods.

This week only, our Weekly Specials feature the "New & Improved" Wigmaking Kits at the original price of £15, as well as the new Micro Curl Rod Packs.

So no prizes for guessing what I'll be doing tomorrow....... experimenting with some lovely new wig styles using my wonderful new rods.

I probably should get out more.......

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