Thursday, 11 April 2013

The wanderer returns....

Arrived home yesterday afternoon from the wilds of East Anglia, where I had a lovely visit with my daughter.  I'm not at all familiar with that area of the country, but it does have a wild, big sky loveliness, with pretty towns and quaint riverside villages set in a landscape which feels as though it has hardly changed for centuries.

However, as with all east coast counties which sit beside the North Sea, it can be a tad on the cold and windy side.... I look forward to returning later in the year, when the sun is shining and it's warm enough to sit outside without several layers of thermals.

Back at work today, and spent several hours hunched over the kiln, carefully placing each of over 1000 individual, tiny, fragile doll parts onto the shelves.  More by luck than judgement, when the last piece was laid on the topmost shelf, there was less than 1 square inch of free space remaining, so my estimation of a 'kilnload' was spot on.

That kilnload represents approximately 6 weeks of work.... many casting sessions, soft-firing, marathon soft-cleaning stints..... (oh the endless soft-cleaning) so I shall be on tenterhooks tomorrow during the bisque firing, which will take up to 8 hours and make the whole house toasty warm.  I won't be able to open the kiln until it has cooled down sufficiently, sometime on Saturday, so hopefully *fingers crossed* it will be a perfect firing otherwise there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth......


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