Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Working Wednesday......

I was forced to be up and about unreasonably early again this morning, courtesy of the still ongoing work on our front garden.  It's amazing how BIG it looks.  From a certain angle, taking into account the expanse of brickwork, and the gentle slope away from the house, it slightly reminds me of a section of the Great Wall of China.  In fact, next time Google Earth is updated I must check to find out if it can be seen from space.

Our chap has said that it will probably be finished tomorrow.

Or Friday.

Either way it will be good to try out our new, non-muddy hard-standing, which should make parking the caravan a piece of cake, as opposed to the stress-laden, 'domestic'-inducing, extremely hard work it's been thus far.  

In retrospect, for the relatively small amount of money it's costing, we should have had it done years ago.  Although, we did have a few quotes a while back,  some time before the first dip of our triple dip recession, and prices then were ludicrously high. 

So high that we might have been forgiven for thinking that we were getting an actual chunk of the real Great Wall of China rather than a fair facsimile.

No matter..... it's nearly finished and I'm sure it will look incredibly swish.

In other news, we seem to have retreated into another Ice Age, and here in East Sussex we have more snow forecast for tonight.  I'm all for seasonal weather but this is ridiculous. I know that April can be a bit hit and miss weatherwise, but having to scrape thick ice off the car windscreen in sub-zero temperatures this morning was a bit of a shock to the system.

Anyway, the upside of these ridiculously early morning starts is that I'm generally ensconced in the workroom well before 9am, which is a bonus.  I have several new projects gradually forming in my mind, so over the next week or so I'll begin working on those.  Not to mention the massive amount of soft-cleaning still to do from my marathon casting sessions last month.

On the plus side though, this is a short working week, so woohoo!!!  

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