Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring at last....?

It's now halfway through April and at long last we've had a proper spring-like day.  Warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind.

Along with most of the inhabitants of the south coast, we headed down to the beach with Small Dog to promenade along the seafront, then sat on a bench to watch the world go by.  It was so clear we could even see all the way across the channel to France!

On the way home I would swear that flowers had started to bloom, and trees come into leaf in the few hours since we passed them on the way down.  Everything has been held so far back that it feels as if there's suddenly an explosion of new growth.

Of course I must be careful not to get carried away..... it could be snowing again next week... but I'm already feeling the benefits of a few hours in warm, spring sunshine.

Fingers crossed it continues......


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Neen said...

I hope your Spring stays spring-like. Unfortunately, ours lasted two days and now it's hot, air conditioner weather, and no beach for 100 miles. I loved reading about your stroll on the seaside!