Friday, 27 February 2009

Last call...........

Continuing my theme of tidying up loose ends in advance of the end of the month, this is a last call for our February Kit of the Month which will be withdrawn from sale at midnight tomorrow.

Ordering before the end of the month will save you £8.00 (US $12) so if you've been swithering about 'will I/won't I' then now's the time to decide as she will only be available as a custom kit from Sunday.


tattyhousehastings said...

Wow Sandra, have just had a good spy on your website - can't believe how detailed your work is. Love the pull along toys.
Very impressed and almost feeling a little bad for own children who actually have a home made dolls house, with a random selection of 'furniture' in it. Still they are young at the moment and prone to losing/breaking anything expensive. In fact am often tempted to hide all their lovely and expensive toys to keep them safe. But that is not the point is it?

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks :-)
I had my first doll's house when I was very young and used to love making things for it. It wasn't till I had a daughter of my own that I rekindled my love of little things and began collecting at a higher level. There's a programme on Channel 4 tonight at 7.30 about doll's house collectors and how 'eccentric' they are.......will be interesting to see how mad they make us look.