Saturday, 4 April 2009

April's AIM Magazine.....

As a member of the editorial team of Artisans in Miniature (AIM) I'm pleased to announce the release of the new APRIL edition of the AIM magazine (issue 11), which has been written by its artisan members for miniaturists and collectors to enjoy.

This month's FREE downloadable monthly magazine is bursting with features, projects, articles, news from the miniature grapevine
and much, much more!

To read this brand new edition or to visit our online magazine archive simply visit the AIM website and click on the relevant links. We have offered the magazine in 2 formats: a fully featured online version - for those who simply wish to view/read online....and also a fully downloadable PDFformat, ideal for those who wish to download or print out [albeit individual pages or the whole magazine / subject to copyright]

We at AIM hope that by providing this choice of format that we can tick as many of your happy boxes as is possible!
If you enjoy the magazine - please help us to spread the word about it and tell as many other miniaturists, friends, groups, clubs or forums as possible!!


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