Friday, 17 April 2009

Blatant Plagiarism...

I have finally been released from purdah.

Doing the annual accounts has taken me three whole days.


Late this afternoon I finally emerged blinking into the light of day, pale, emaciated and SERIOUSLY dehydrated. Currently the dining room looks like this...

Not only is the whole table covered in drifts of receipts and invoices, the floor is also awash with detritus, meaning I have to wade carefully in and out of the room, trying not to cause a tsunami.

But it's Friday night, and the weekend is nigh so I'm making a point of catching up on all the displacement activity I've missed.

Thankfully, fellow bloggers have been filling the void so I've unscrupulously pinched this from Grey Area after almost choking to death on a glass of medicinally rehydrating wine while watching it.

This gem was just one of a series of 10 Dogville Comedies made by MGM in the late 1920's. Apparently the whole series is available on DVD so I'm adding it to my Christmas list NOW!


Debbie said...

Now that was funny...PMSL

Jean Day said...

I really hope you are able to come out of the accounting/business mist soon. Those old movies are great, thanks for the heads up, dog's heads up, oh dear I better get to bed.