Monday, 27 April 2009


The worst thing about coming back from a few days away is the mountain of emails which flood into my inbox, despite my best efforts with spam filters, firewalls, electric fences and laptop-to-air guided missiles.
It's taken me several tries today to get to the bottom of the influx, clear out all the garbage, rescue the genuine emails, untangle them from the junk and leave them gasping for air to recover.


We have bought a dongle.

PP was assigned the task of wading through the labyrinthine terms and conditions of the top 10 mobile broadband suppliers to identify the cheapest, most highly rated, no contract, no fees, pay-as-you-go with no monthly usage commitment package.


What's a dongle?

*deep sigh* Oh alright...........I didn't actually know what a dongle was either, but isn't it a really good name and much better than the possible alternative of 'Wireless and Non-Kinetic Ethernet Receiver', although on reflection the acronym may have put the kibosh on that one.

A dongle is a thingummy you plug into a whatsit port on the side of your portable computer notebook doobry which allows you to connect to the interweb, wirelessly and spontaneously, while camping in the middle of nowhere.

Don't ask me how it works for I have no idea. I think it has something to do with fairy whispers being carried through the air on invisible gossamer threads, to a celestial telephone exchange where the binary pixies decipher them and pass them on.

But don't quote me on that.

Anyways, all being well, it will arrive in good time for our next camping trip, for which rain and gale force winds are forecast. The perfect opportunity to hole up in a cosy little campervan and marvel at the wonders of technology. Always assuming we can set it up and get a signal.

And before the nay-sayers among you weigh in with:

"But I thought you went camping to get away from the tyranny of the laptop, emails, work and all that...."

Yes, well.........there's no answer to that one. Should have thought this blog post through a bit more carefully really.

*shuffles off fridgewards in the hope of liberating some suitably chilled liquid refreshment... it's been a looooooong day*


Debbie said...

Sandra I hope your Dongle works! Our friends one wouldn't connect bad signal..LOL

Sandra Morris said...

Oh nooooooooo! I have visions of us spending the whole May Bank holiday weekend trying to get the laptop up onto the roof of the campervan trying to get a signal.

Perhaps we could send small dog up first.

With crampons.