Thursday, 16 April 2009

Slugging it out..........

Small dog has become a slug magnet.

Every time she comes in from her evening garden perimeter check she brings at least one of the slimy little buggers back in with her, attached to her fur. I let her back in from the garden a few minutes ago and she followed me into the sitting room and jumped up on my lap.

As I sat, idly stroking her, my fingers encountered a large, wet lump on her chest. Further investigation revealed a slug woven into her silky fur.


Earlier this evening, she brought a baby one in with her and deposited it on the kitchen floor by her water bowl. Perhaps she regards them as not very exciting pets. In any case, once on the floor they show a remarkable turn of speed not usually associated with slugs, and scoot off under the fridge, presumably to reappear at lights out.

Mental note to self: Do NOT under any circumstances come downstairs in the night barefoot. Slug slime is the most tenacious substance known to man and in my experience, invariably has to be scraped off the sole of the foot with a knife.


Mags Cassidy said...

My neighbours cat brought one in on her fur yesterday! yuk!

tattyhousehastings said...

You stoked a slug..ner ner ner ner neeer!

info said...

Horrible things, especially when you touch them but there is an old wives tale that if you rub a slug over a wart the wart disappears. I think I would keep the wart, thank you.

Sandra Morris said...

Thought it was gold rings for getting rid of warts. Never heard of rubbing a slug on a wart.


info said...

No - gold rings are for rubbing on a sty in your eye.

You've been away from Scotland tooooooo long.

Sandra Morris said...

Ah's all coming back to me now.

Still not convinced about the whole slug/wart thing though. I'll have to Google it.