Thursday, 30 April 2009

Have dongle, will travel.............

Our new sleek and shiny dongle thingy arrived in the post this morning. Just in the nick of time as we're setting off tomorrow morning to go camping over the bank holiday weekend.

So I'll be taking my laptop and hoping that the dongle self-installs quickly and easily and gets a brilliant signal.

Might even post a few blog dispatches just to see how well it works!

Small dog is beside herself with excitement at the prospect of yet another camping weekend, this time at her very favourite site with the lakeside walks and baby animals.

As the weather forecast is good (unbelievably so for a bank holiday weekend) I have today unearthed my shorts and sandals and am girding my loins to expose my winter-white shins to the general populace. Fortunately, most camping types are very easy going, extremely casual-bordering-on-scruffy individuals, so the glare from my legs hopefully will go completely unnoticed and raise no comment.

Or sniggers.

Apart that is, from small dog who will laugh her silly head off when I emerge from the campervan, short-clad for the first time this year. I will try to rise above her ribald remarks and maintain a sense of dignity and decorum as I know for a fact that she has absolutely no sartorial savoir faire and thinks that an outfit fashioned from an old sock is the height of sophistication.


rosanna said...

How i wish we had good weathr as well. It seems that things have turned, we'll come and sunbathe in Brighton instead of Mediterrenean.
SD is very pretty on her tartan outfit.

Debbie said...

Hope you have a great time this weekend Sandra. Oh Bless Small Dog looks so cute in her Sock..