Monday, 25 October 2010

End of an era - Part 2........

Over the 20 years I taught miniature dollmaking and costuming, I designed literally hundreds of costume patterns, designed specifically for one day workshops, classes and courses.

Many are long gone, but I still have a several lever arch files, each containing one or two copies of instructions, patterns and materials checklists for every single character I have featured as on one day workshops over the past 12 years. 

Those of you who have attended any of our classes will know that the instructions are very comprehensive and include a detailed checklist of the materials required, step by step instructions, photos, diagrams and patterns.

As I am no longer producing 1/12th scale porcelain dolls, and won't be teaching any more classes in miniature doll costuming, I have decided it's time to release them into the wild.


I am compiling a list of pattern set packs, selected from my collection, which will be available to purchase.

These will include:

  • Historical characters - Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn, Elizabeth I
  • Fantasy/fictional characters including My Fair Lady, Tudor Headless Ghost, Vintage Father Christmas, Swashbuckling Pirate
  • Pantomime characters - Cinderella, Prince Charming, Ugly Sisters
  • Tradespeople - Chimney Sweep and Sweep's Boy, Georgian and Victorian Peddler Ladies, Flower Seller
  • Domestic Servants including Tweeny, Cook, Housemaid, Parlourmaid, Governess
  • Elaborately dressed ladies from a variety of periods from Mediaeval through to Post War
  • Miscellaneous characters - Court Jester, Fortune Teller, Mystical Wizard, Suffragette
And many, many more.

I won't be listing them in the online shop as there are only a few of each set, so if you want a  full list, please contact me and I'll email it to you.

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Robin said...

Gosh! this sounds like an absolutely wonderful treasure trove Sandra.
Still - hopefully we shall be seeing even more of your beautiful little dolls.