Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh, what a tangled web...........

Have spent the last nth hours trying to decorate the house for our Halloween party.

We bought synthetic spider webs, complete with spiders... 


I haven't dusted for aeons so we had no end of REAL spider's webs.  So hoovering up all of those, only to replace them with fake webs seemed a bit redundant.

Anyway, we now have loads of webs, complete with spiders, which, if you remember my encounter with a HUGE bitey spider while we were camping in the summer, are giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Small Dog thinks we have taken complete leave of our senses and she might not be too far wrong.  



rosanna said...

He he he, Sandra you always make me laugh so much. But I understand that there is some sort of ragedy going on at your place.Have fun anyway, lot of it. Rosanna

Anonymous said... might have warned me about the picture of the big bitey spider on this post!

I had a fit!

Delphi had to run upstairs for the sal volatile!!

Shuddering Suex

Michelle's Mad World said...

I hate spiders especially ones THAT size, I'd run for miles! lol

Michelle xx