Saturday, 30 October 2010

What on earth is THAT....?!

I've bought a wig off Ebay for our Halloween party tonight. 

Don't know what I was thinking...... it was a triumph of hope over expectation.

In the listing photo it looked fantastic.  Described as Morticia Black Widow Witch Sorceress Wig Halloween the photo showed a fantastic creation with glossy black and red tendrils reminiscent of Medusa.

I was convinced it would instantly transform me into a sultry ravishing creature...


The Ebay listing WOULD have been bang on, had it described the wig as "Flat Matted Rat's Nest Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards".

I spent an hour last night trying to get it to even vaguely resemble the photo on the pack, with the aid of half a can of hairspray.  If it wasn't flammable before (which it was) it will go up like a rocket if I even get within a foot of a candle flame tonight.

I've even had a go it with a pair of nail scissors, which, if I'm honest, hasn't improved it any.


Anyway, here's what it should look like.  

Needless to say the wig looks nothing like that, and I look nothing like the model.  Even if I was photoshopped to within an inch of my life I wouldn't look anything like her.  If I'm lucky I might just carry off a moderately successful resemblance to Danny La Rue.

Don't even get me started on the false eyelashes.  I had a trial run with them earlier and Small Dog nearly had a conniption fit when she saw me.

I don't expect to survive the evening with even a modicum of dignity intact, but hopefully at least everyone else will look equally hilarious.

Photos may (or may not) be forthcoming in the fullness of time.....


Cate and David said...

Oh Sandra....that's too funny!

Mags Cassidy said...

cackle cackle...

Debbie said...

Hope you all have a really great Party and of course we want pictures..!!

rosanna said...

I begun giggling and I'm still doing .Have fun! Rosanna

Robin said...

Ah is full of little disappointments.Lol
I demand a photo of you in yours!!

Margaret said...

Do show us, we'll be laughing with you not 'at' you, honest (snicker).

julie campbell said...

Happy hallowe'en Sandra !
LOL now come on post know you want to !
julie,fingers crossed ...

Michelle's Mad World said...

Hysterical read! LOL Just stay far away from all cigarettes and lighters...don't want you going up in smoke...PUFF! lol

I wish we could see pics of the wig...sounds like a must have wig! lol

(sneaks off in hysterics)

Michelle xxx