Monday, 18 October 2010

It's like a zoo in here.............

Is it that time already?  Almost a week since my last post....doesn't time fly.

I have, of course, been incredibly busy *cough*.  With less than 3 weeks to our next fair the workroom has been a hive of activity.

Today I will be surrounded by a menagerie of exotic animals, transforming them into elaborate vintage pullalong toys.  I've been working on a new saddle design which looks much better than the original, but takes twice as long to make and has many more chances of going wrong, in which case I have to start again.  I'm also trialling several new animals, which means I have to make minute adjustments to saddles, reins, headdresses etc to ensure that they fit perfectly.

All time consuming stuff.

I'm rapidly downgrading my expectations of how many I'll be able to complete in the next few days, which is my allocated time scale before I have to move onto something else.  However, although painstakingly exacting, they are enjoyable to make and I enjoy seeing each animal's personality emerge during the transformation.  

I also have two new 'helpers' who I will introduce later, if I can get them to cooperate.  I'm having the devil of a job keeping them under control........


Debbie said...

Sounds interesting Sandra, are we going to see the new creations? New 'helpers'.. Have you got little elves in your work room?

Robin said...

Appropos Debbie's comment - if you've got an spare elves - could you send them along to me next? Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous pull-alongs.

Sandra Morris said...


I wish!

I'll post photos of the new menagerie pullalongs when I finish the first batch later this week.