Sunday, 3 October 2010

It's all a matter of timing.........

I spent most of yesterday monitoring my laptop which was in virtual intensive care. 

After 6 hours (!) of a massive array of diagnostic tests and scans, the prognosis was uncertain.
What is certain is that it has something wrong with it.  Either that or it's got the computer form of Munchhausen's Syndrome with a 'healthy' dose of hypochondria thrown in for good measure.

At any time this would be annoying and frustrating, but it's timing now is no less than downright diabolical.

I need it to be on tip-top form and ready for the task in hand.  Instead of which it's lying, Camille-like, on my desk, threatening to conk out at the first sign of CPU fibrillation.

No matter.  I need to press on.  And it should either get its act together or make way for a younger, fitter, more dynamic replacement.

There is quite simply no room for sentimentality at this point in the proceedings and although I don't relish having to put it out of my misery, I think I'm probably capable.....


Ascension said...

Pobre ordenador, parece que ha estado en la guerra............jejeje
Es imprescindible cambiarlo, urgentemente...........jejeje
besitos ascension

Margaret said...

I bet that felt good, but I am glad it wasn't like my laptop, LCD monitor I think. I has a soft screen that contains highly toxic fluid as I understand it. So I can't have the pleasure of smashing it!