Monday, 15 November 2010

Let there be light..........

I had to do a batch of soft cleaning today.  Not my favourite task but it has to be done.

After heads and faces have been soft cleaned, I add the eye whites using a bisque fired glaze, and to do this I use a magnifying lamp so that I can see the eye outlines clearly enough to be able to paint them.

I've had the same magnifying lamp since 1989 and aside from replacing the occasional bulb it's been just fine.

Today however, when I switched it on, it didn't work.

No light.




And so began a process of elimination to determine the source of the problem.

Easy stuff first.... check the bulb


Next easiest, check the wiring in the plug


OK..... test the fuse


By this point I had exhausted my electrical expertise and PP took over to give the lamp a forensic examination.

She took the whole thing apart bit by bit, testing as she went along.

She dismantled the switch, the wiring connections, the bulb holder component thingy.

Still nothing.


So no guesses what I'll be doing this evening...... ?


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