Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Panic stations.............

As is usual just a few days before a fair, there is an air of escalating panic permeating the air.

As is also usual, I'm hacking huge chunks off my 'to do' lists in the vain hope that what remains might possibly be achievable in the time remaining.

*hollow laugh*

I have nobody to blame but myself, so in addition to the rising panic, I am also suffused with a deep sense of guilt.

I've also been caught slightly on the hop by the Christmas issue of The Doll's House Magazine landing on subscriber's doormats already.  (You may remember, I had designed a special edition Christmas toy doll kit for them.)  I was only alerted to this by the first orders arriving this morning just in time to add to my escalating stress levels.

However, orders are undoubtedly A Good Thing, and after I'd finished printing out all the instruction booklets today I was finally disposed to see the positive side. 

So with just three days left before the Charmandean Fair at Worthing I am, in the words of Fagin, reviewing the situation.....

If you're going to be visiting the fair on Sunday (and with some very well known artisans exhibiting it would be well worth the trip) you can find us at Stand D3.  Do stop and say hello, or even better, buy things.

Sadly we can't take our business mascot, Small Dog, but she will be there in spirit.......  



Robin said...

Yep this week is panic week sure'nuff! It's a really super kit Sandra, and a great 'Spotlight' on you in the mag. as well - always said you'd be famous. Lol

Anonymous said...

Deer SD
Wotevur r u doin'

Hallereen is ova!

Speerret indiyd!

Jus u git bac to wot u r gud at....

Sho 'em yer teefs!

wholes in sheyts are not skaree.

TEEFS are skaree!




Sandra Morris said...


Yes, I'm trying to ignore the paparazzi outside the front door. Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.....

Sandra Morris said...

dere DD,

Yoo ar rite of corse.

Mi mumz ar olwais thinkin of wais too hoomiliyate me.

Olsoh, i am knot just hed of sekuritea.

i am olso cheef snapr up of unkonsidrd trifells, such as peeses of silc, bits of lethr, fevvers ect.

Knot too menshun i am a biznis sleepin partnir with fool voten rites and ol the biskits i can eet at bored meetings.

im reeli kwite versatiyl.

insidentli, my teath ar veri, veri skaree.

SD xxx

Anonymous said...

I am glard to heer it!

Insidenturly...the wurd vereefikashun for this powst was

Sums it up reeli!