Saturday, 6 November 2010

Check lists, checklist............

As predicted, we didn't quite get everything sorted yesterday.  That's why I'm currently printing out dozens of our new leaflets and there are piles and piles of stock boxes everywhere.

On the plus side, there really isn't too much left to do, apart from ironing my clothes for tomorrow, doing some route planning and making our lunches.

I've perused the floor plan and marked the exhibitors whose stands I particularly want to visit.  We're right next to Beith Miniatures, with his gorgeous period furniture, much of which has incredibly fine marquetry inlays.  Also exhibiting is Victoria Fasken, whose handpainted dinner services have to be seen to be believed, plus the wondrous work of Annie Willis of Fine Design.

The fair is advertised as 95% British hand made so standards should be high, with the minimum of imported tat prevalent at so many fairs these days. Quite a few of the exhibitors aren't familiar to me so I'm looking forward to having a wander round to see who's who and what's what.

A full fair report will be forthcoming as soon as the dust has settled on Monday. 

Wish us luck.............

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