Tuesday, 16 November 2010


So following on from Manic Monday we have Turbulent Tuesday.

After much research, to-ing and fro-ing on the interweb and discussions with other members of the management team (although why I even consider canvassing Small Dog's opinions on anything other than what she wants for dinner I don't know) I have finally made a decision and ordered a new magnifying lamp.

Thank you to everyone who sent me advice and links, they really helped in the decision-making process.  

Rosanna, I was very taken with the Eschenbach magnifying lamp, but at over £500 it's just a tad too expensive.  Granted I could probably see individual atoms in the porcelain but sadly I just can't afford it.

Joyce, I was also impressed with the LightCraft wide lens magnifying lamp and at around the £120 mark it was nearer to being in budget.  However, although I was sorely tempted  I don't actually need such a big lens.

Other suggestions included Lumo lamps, which apparently are used extensively in hospitals and scientific laboratories, but are also a mite expensive.

In the mid-range price bracket there were a number of possibilities and I eventually plumped for one which is currently on offer online at half-price, and which offers a no-quibble refund if, after I've given it a test run, it proves to be unsuitable.

That all took the best part of the morning, which meant that my afternoon was given over to soft-cleaning, which robs me of the will to live.  However, thanks to PP's help it was all completed today and the kiln is loaded and ready to bisque fire tomorrow.

In other news, Small Dog needs to have one claw on a front paw trimmed.  I'm all for letting the vet do it, under a small amount of sedation.  PP however is made of sterner stuff and is convinced that we can do it ourselves.  I am resolutely NOT convinced, especially as while PP was having a surreptitious recce of the affected foot, Small Dog became made entirely of bitey so the experiment was hurriedly abandoned.

In other, other news I am feeling a bit disconsolate.  I don't know what has precipitated the malaise apart from the obvious candidates of Christmas looming on the horizon, an uncertain financial prognosis over the coming month, the cold, dark evenings etc etc etc.

So could somebody please tell me Good Stuff........


rosanna said...

£ 500 ?????!!!!! it's crazy !!
It would be cheaper for you to cometo genoa and buy it here !
Have a nice evening, minihugs Rosanna

Robin said...

Your invite to Will and Kate's wedding is in the post..........ROFL

Sandra Morris said...

The table lenses themselves are between £100-£200. Actual magnifiying lamps are much more expensive.
Trip to Genoa? Now there's an idea!

OMG! Does that mean I'll have to wear a hat!!

Anonymous said...

No...not a hat... you just need to wear the nice new shiny shade from your nice new shiny magnifying lamp! ;)

Good News?
I just topped £600 for my donations ( from sales of Whimsicals )
for the local Hospice.
Am I proud of myself!