Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good Stuff..........

My appeal for Good Stuff has resulted in a veritable plethora of feelgood missives.  Many thanks to everyone who responded, either directly to me, or via a comment on the blog.

Good Stuff continued this morning, with the arrival of my new magnifying lamp, less than 24 hours after ordering!  It's now installed on my desk and I'm absolutely delighted with it.

It looks like a cross between the Starship Enterprise and a white toilet seat with the lid up, but nevertheless it is AMAZING.  The light is really bright and clean-white while the magnifying lens is frighteningly good.  No excuse now for less than perfect painting!

Later, in the post, was an order for stripwood which I've been eagerly awaiting for some time.  You might not think Jelutong stripwood particularly exciting but trust me, it so is.

Also in the category of Good Stuff, is something which I have to keep secret for the time being in case I jinx the whole thing.  But it's VERY EXCITING so fingers crossed it comes off. 

Right, back to work..... but I'm finding it really hard to concentrate.

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Irene said...

Sandra - I'm pleased to hear things have improved thanks to the "good stuff". There's nothing like a parcel to brighten the day!