Thursday, 3 February 2011

Epic day...........

As the inexorable countdown to the Thame Fair continues I've moved up a few gears to try to complete as much of my hopelessly over-ambitious 'to do' list as I can in the remaining time.

Hence the epic day today, working on yet another new toy kit to be launched at Thame.  I've already designed three (yes THREE!) new kits and if all goes well, there will be another two.   

Too tuckered out to do much more than post this photo of the new bride toy doll kit.  Bear in mind she measures a smidgen under 1 3/4" tall and is jointed porcelain. The kit contains everything needed to complete her bridal costume which includes silk underwear, leather-soled silk shoes, pure silk trained dress, jewelled necklace, earrings, crystal headdress and flowing silk veil, upswept ringlet wig and bouquet of tiny silk roses.


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I want to be a child again so I can play with her! Lovely.