Friday, 4 February 2011

Moving on.........

Had to take 3/4 of the day off today to oversee the fitting of a motorised mover on our 'new' caravan.  

For the non-caravanning contingent of my blog readers (which I'm guessing is probably all of you), a motorised mover is a nifty gadget which allows you to just stand there looking cool, with a remote controller gizmo in you hand, while your caravan performs all manner of movements, including a particularly impressive 360 degree pirouette.

This removes the requirement to manually push/pull/swear/have a huge 'domestic' in the middle of the campsite/put your back out/threaten to storm off home in a huff or otherwise make a complete spectacle of yourself while attempting to position aforementioned caravan


We had a tentative little play with it before the fitting bloke went home, after he'd given us a thorough demonstration, even the rudiments of which I've already completely forgotten. 

Coming soon to a campsite quite possibly near you........

This video really isn't that fascinating though, unless you've just had a mover fitted on your caravan, and even then it's not that fascinating.

Edit - I've just reviewed this post and I take it all back about looking cool.  Perhaps I should try to find a rather fetching Dutch cap like the chap in the video.



Michelle's Mad World said...

It looks like a handy gadget! A bit surreal to see it move on its own though.

Well I confess to only ever been in a caravan once in my life and that was when I was a child. I'd like an RV though, but that will never happen with my family! lol

Michelle xx

rosanna said...

We had a caravan when I was a child and this toy would have proved very useful. I have fond memories of our little home on wheels, we had lots of fun in it. Rosanna

Anonymous said...

oooh odd.

Yes hat would help...and do you have that strange music whilst the caravan is being moved? If not ...why not?