Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pragmatism. I has it........

pragmatism  prag·ma·tism    noun.
A way of approaching situations or solving problems that emphasizes practical applications and consequences.

I've decided to apply a pragmatic approach to the remainder of my Thame Fair preparation.  This will involve jettisoning ALL the airy-fairy ideas I had about dazzling everyone with a miraculous new range of miniature toys and games.

Especially all the ones which have been languishing on my 'work in progress' boards for the past aeon.


I will be completely and utterly pragmatic and accept, with good grace, the fact that with less than two weeks to go, I will only drive myself (even more) insane by attempting to do EVERYTHING I feel I should.

This means, that I can cross off pages 47-138 of volume XII of my to do lists.  

In one fell swoop I will regain a modicum of sensibility, and remove the requirement to constantly berate myself for not buckling down earlier and getting on with it all.

I could quite get used to being pragmatic.......... 


Robin said...

Blimey! Are you reading my mind now??

Sandra Morris said...

No Robin....
Just trying to make excuses for my complete inability to stick to a schedule!


julie campbell said...

Definitely the way to go Sandra !
Yesterday I drafted up"definitive Miniatura doll list" number 2 which is a whole 2 pages shorter than number one and actually might be possible !!
You will knock 'em dead anyway with your table,no need to knock yourself dead preparing for it !!
julie x