Monday, 21 February 2011

Today I have been mostly.......

..... lachrymose.

Which is just a fancy way of saying 'tearful'

Our wonderful, gorgeous, much-loved campervan was collected today, and is heading towards its new home in Wiltshire.

I could hardly bear to see it go, driving off down the hill and out of our lives forever.


We've had some fantastic holidays in it *sob* and made some lifelong friends because of it *whimper*.  

There has never been a time when we haven't thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were always able to completely relax and forget all our worries in our little van.

*poignant tears*

Of course it helps that a lovely couple have bought it, who will cherish it as much as we have.  But there is now a huge gap on our driveway to serve as a permanent reminder that we've lost what feels like a member of the family.

Small Dog is traumatised.  She is lying in her basket, face turned to the wall, resolutely ignoring us.  The look on her little, furry face when 'her' van disappeared was heartbreaking.

*outright wailing*

I'm sure we'll all get over it in time, but with so much worry and stress over our non-existent towcar at the moment, it feels as if I might never fully recover.

*adopts dramatic, Camille-like reclining pose*

However, dramatics aside, stress is to MS, what a red rag is to a bull and already my immune system is waving a white flag.  In the past few days I've sprouted assorted cold sores, a motley collection of mouth ulcers, the headache from hell and a strange intermittent nerve twitch.  That's in addition to all the usual MS gremlins which beset me in any given day. 

There is one small ray of sunshine piercing through the leaden grey rainclouds enveloping us at the moment, which is that the Thame Fair at the weekend was excellent, and we did really rather well.  As artisans, it is reassuring to know that there are still collectors out there who are willing to spend more than pocket money amounts to acquire quality hand-crafted miniatures.  

Thame is one of the very few smaller artisan-only fairs in existence, where collectors can be assured that everything on display has been hand-made in the UK by dedicated miniature artisans.  There was not one scrap of Taiwan Tat to be seen, and the quality of work was amazing.  I really wish there were more fairs like this in the miniatures calendar.

Over the coming days, I will be listing our toys and kits on the website, and when I feel a bit more 'normal' I will be revealing an exciting new venture which we will be launching in the spring.  


I'm off to dry my eyes, wipe the snot from my face and pour myself a large glass of something chilled.  I'll try to keep the Sturm and Drang out of my blog posts as much as possible but thank you to everyone who has commented, mailed, telephoned or turned up unannounced on our doorstep with a lovely card and bunch of flowers (you know who you are!) offering support, advice, or a shoulder to cry on.


Oh no..... I'm filling up again......


Robin said...

Mop yourself up matey - lovely to see you on Saturday! Your stand looked fantastic!

Sandra Morris said...

Awww......thanks Robin. We did have a lovely day and it was great to catch up with you and Celia.

Sandra x

KT Miniatures said...

Yep..chin up Sandra. At least Thame Fair was brilliant and at last I had chance to peruse your lovely stand too and see your exquisite creations close up!! Was so great to catch up with you all....thanks for the great company.

'Tis heartwarming that we all did rather well. There is hope yet for our miniatures industry!! Roll on Thame Fair 2012.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you both on Sat. Only wish i could have soent longer but the old bones were complaining after about an hour!

Good too to hear it was a financially good show.Always an added bonus at Thame when you are already enjoying yourselves amongst friends!

Sorry about your old van.....onward and upward infinity and beyond!

Love S and DD