Monday, 14 February 2011

A series of unfortunate events........

You know how it is.....

You're heading towards an important deadline, stress abounds, little niggly naggly things start going wrong and before you know it you're in free fall towards incipient nervous breakdown / heart attack/psychotic episode......

Or if you're really, REALLY unlucky, all three.

And you know that proverb, about straws and camel's backs?

It is SO TRUE.

Except at the moment, there are mere nano-millimetres between the placing of that ultimate straw on the dromedary's back and time has conveniently slowed down to a crawl so that I can attempt a slo-mo dive, shouting NOOOOOOOOOO!

Or I would if I had the energy.  The best I can manage is a 'meh'.  

Which for all I know might be the sound a camel makes just before its back breaks.


In no particular order, ALL of the following are clamouring for a share of my attention......

  • Small Dog's bad leg
  • Thame Fair this coming weekend
  • Free-floating fear that fair will be a complete washout and I'm going to have to tout for a job at Tesco.
  • Imminent collection of much-loved campervan
  • Purchase of 'new' car yesterday
  • Will 'new' car be ready to collect in time for trip to Thame, or not....?
  • Have we made the right decision to exchange motorhoming for caravanning. 
  • Strange, large lump on my face which makes me look like Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Sale of all of my remaining 1/12th doll molds heralding point of no return on career path
  • Sale of small much-loved small car to make way for towcar
  • Impending countdown to putting house on the market
  • Continuing related downsizing exercise.....
There's probably more but I can't think straight for the sound of my head hitting off the desk.


Michelle's Mad World said...

Join the club, my plate too is over filling and I won't see the light at the end of the tunnel anytime soo! Hmm at least July....oh well!

I hope the fair goes fab!
Michelle xx

Robin said...

Ummmmmm - there has to be a bright side......I know, you live on top of a hill, so you'll never get flooded!
See ya Saturday - we'll all be mad by then.

Anonymous said...

( above ) That's what I always say...buuuuuut.... it aint arf windy up 'ere!

Chin up.... just say to the Universe.." ok.... thank you for all this 'stuff'. I will deal with it."

And you'll be surprised how it will all just drop away.

Less than a week to Thame.... it WILL be fine....Tesco's ( Heaven forfend )will NOT beckon and what you haven't one will notice.
You are downsizing...right? Downsize the stuff you have to deal with too.
And never mind lumps.... wear a burka for a while.


Love and silly ideas..