Sunday, 6 February 2011

I'll tell you what I want.....

.....what I really, REALLY want..... is a self-cleaning workroom.

In an ideal world, as soon as I close the door at the end of each day, a miraculous metamorphosis would take place and my habitual creative chaos would be restored to a neat and orderly blank canvas, ready for the whole process to begin again the next day.

I try, I really do, to maintain at least a modicum of clear space on my desk.  However perhaps I should declare that in my case, a 'modicum' might refer to an area no larger than 2 inches square.

When I walked into the workroom this morning, it was clear, even to me, that my modicum of clear space was non-existent and it was going to be impossible to do anything in such a guddle.  

So I've spent the past few hours having a tidy-up.

There are times when restoring order to my work space is positively cathartic, as it doesn't require much by way of creative or original thought.  It's purely a matter of putting things back in their rightful place and gradually revealing my square metre of desktop, a process not unlike excavating an archaeological dig.  Gradually the layers of detritus are removed, catalogued and archived, until I finally discover a treasure more desirable than the most valuable ancient artifact.

A perfectly pristine, clear desk.

I'm not quite there yet, but it's only a matter of time.  Time, which I have to keep reminding myself, is fast running out.  However, I seem to have inadvertently discovered a new form of displacement activity..... tidying and cleaning.



Elga said...

My work space is in my dining room where we obviously almost never eat, the table surface is seldom visible ;-),self cleaning that would be great in fact if the whole house was self cleaning that would be a dream come true, but I guess never on this earth, oh well sighing with you.

Cate and David said...

Working on the Burrow again has really got me thinking about that! If only I didn't have to housekeep!