Thursday, 17 February 2011

Self-fulfilling prophecy.........

Further to my last post, the camel's back hasn't merely broken.

It has been shattered into its constituent verterbrae.

We have had the week from HELL.  

It's been so bad I couldn't even write a blog post without bursting into tears.  Mostly to do with our 'new' car not being fit for purpose (our fault) and having to try to negotiate with the car dealership to either get our money back (unlikely) or for them to try to find us an alternative car which will do the job we need it for (also unlikely in our limited timescale).

Namely towing our caravan.

We've been meticulously researching suitable cars for 3 months, and the car we just bought would be absolutely perfect in every way if it were 6 months younger.   However in a freak million to one chance, the particular model, of the particular year, has a ludicrously low noseweight limit, far too low for our caravan.  So it although it would easily be powerful enough to tow the caravan, exceeding the noseweight limit is illegal, and consequently our insurance would be invalid.  Sadly we didn't discover this until after we'd bought it.

Honestly, you couldn't make it up........ 

Yesterday was particularly bad and both PP and I spent much of the afternoon in tears just from sheer frustration, stress and worry.

We WILL lose money on the whole fiasco, and our confidence over the whole towing endeavour has taken a huge knock.  There were points yesterday when we were ready to sell everything, including the caravan and go and live in a cave like hermits.

Yes, you can laugh, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, not to mention the camel's back.

So, with all the messing about this week, I have jettisoned entire volumes of to-do lists for Thame.  If you're coming on Saturday, do feel free to step behind the stand (no. 26) and give us a hug.

It would be much appreciated.



Kim said...

ohhhh, I wish I was coming. Sending you a hug in this comment although that is not nearly as helpful. I hope a miracle solution arises soon. 2011 is not starting off well for us either- perhaps we will get all the bad out of the way early? Hang in there Sandra ♥

Michelle's Mad World said...

The dealership should give you back your money,afterall how could you have known it wasnt' fit to legally tow your caravan? Such unfairness over red tape legality!!

Sending hugs of good wishes to you!

Michelle xx

julie campbell said...

such a shame sandra, especially when you havedone your research, I can understand how upsetting it must be.
Wishing you a really great show at Thame, hopefully it will lift your spirits
julie xxx

Robin said...

OMG - buckets of hugs.

Sandra Morris said...

Awww, thank you ladies. Your words of support are really appreciated.

I'm sure it will all be all right in the end, but in the interim we could really do without it.

Robin.... see you Saturday. So looking forward to some downtime after the fair.

Sandra x

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandra......
sob ...sob.... weep....snivel....
what can I say....I was nearly in tears too!
YOU MUST get on to the dealer and push for some help over this....If he is not going to help you find another properly useful car then he is not worth a light and your local press should get to know about it!
I am silly I am asking these questions when I SHALL SEE YOU IN PERSON tomorrow.... don't worry...I'm bringing
Save all the news till then.
Suex and DD ( she is a wonderful hugger!)