Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Online workshop.............

I'm trying to ignore the vortex of stress and worry in which we seem to be inextricably enmeshed, and get down to some work today.

All our stock boxes from Thame are still piled up on the floor of the workroom so my first task is to unpack everything then update the website which is a calming low stress task.

In the meantime however, I realised that I haven't mentioned our forthcoming online workshop, in conjunction with the online miniatures show being organised by fellow AIM member Shelly Norris on 19/20 March.

Full details of the workshop are HERE, (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and we are offering one of our new kits to make this little toy doll's doll......

The doll is a smidgen under 1  3/4" tall, made from porcelain, china painted and has jointed arms and legs.  The workshop pack will contain everything you need to create the doll as shown, including:

  • Silk underwear
  • Lacy socks
  • Silk shoes with leather soles
  • Lace petticoat
  • Pleated silk dress with full-length puffed sleeves, fancy bodice and ruched sash.
  • Ringlet curls wig
  • Pleated silk and lace bonnet with silk ribbon rosette trims
  • Illustrated Jumeau box

Cut-off date for class registrations is 1 March, but if you contact me before then you can have your choice of costume colour.

Right..... off to tackle the mess in the workroom.


Cate and David said...

I love her! I'd really love to participate in this workshop - thanks for the heads-up!

Robin said...

She's lovely - best of luck with this new venture - sounds super!
Best of luck with the unpacking - mine's still***^^^^////

Anonymous said...

How does an online workshop work Sandra? Something I could do?
I'm just back from my first course. BoxCleva is now well and truly underway!
I however, am knackered.... and am going to bed!