Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blue sky thinking.............

I've been doing a lot of strategic planning of late.  Despite the fact I've never been very good at planning ahead.

Well let me qualify that.... I AM quite good at PLANNING ahead, it's the implementation of the plans I'm pants at.

However it's never too late for a leopard to change its shorts, so I'm going to really, really try to get ahead of the game this year.  Which is why I've been immersed in Christmas this week.

Now if you're squeamish about the C-word you'd probably want to leave now so don't say you weren't warned.

However, before I invoke the ghost of Christmas future, I'll fill you in on the latest instalment of my epic slip saga, the denouement of which is still unfolding.

After the requisite amount of pummeling, the new NYDP slip appears to have come up trumps.  Lovely, creamy consistency, not too thick, not too thin.  Quick set up, easy mould release and practically no clean up.  Putting tiny stringing holes in the tops of very thin arms and legs was effortless, thanks to the plastic elasticity of the greenware.


So the experimental batches of castings (including what I could salvage from the disastrous Ultra Chic sessions) are now in the kiln undergoing their soft-firing.  

So far so good.

Part of the rationale for the castings sessions was to make an early start on my Christmas stock, as I've been brimming over with ideas for new toys, perfect for the miniature festive season.  The lead time for making little wee toys and dolls is such that it's no use waiting till September to get going as there simply won't be enough time.

I speak from long, bitter experience.

Also, we have 99.9% decided that we won't be exhibiting at KDF in December this year, so we need to have something spectacular up our sleeve to make up for it.

More details will be forthcoming in due course but for the moment we are sworn to secrecy. 

As is business mascot and sleeping partner, Small Dog, who is notoriously bad at keeping secrets, despite being extremely enigmatic while in possession of one......


julie campbell said...

ah yes, christmas in june.... I spent yesterday dressing not one but two santa dolls . We doll makers must keep ahead of the times and be well prepared !
I will be sad not to get the chance to raid your stand if you dont do kdf but look forward to small dog revealing that secret ;0)
julie xx

Anonymous said...

So the New York Police Department use this stuff do they?
Aha...I suppose the criminals would... give them the slip otherwise!

Anonymous said...
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Sandra Morris said...


I'll be all Christmassed out by October at this rate!


Well spotted. I expect the CIA and FBI are crawling all over my blog trying to crack the code.