Friday, 3 June 2011

There's many a slip..........


I know what you're thinking.

Enough with the slip already.

But bear with me and I promise I won't slip in any more references to it.  I may have been labouring the point, but casting porcelain is a vitally important raw material for me......I use it to make the majority of our tiny jointed toys and animals, as well as an extensive range of little doll's dolls, so it just has to be right.

It was incredibly annoying, not to mention frustrating, to have slipped up and run out of my favourite casting porcelain just when supplies had disappeared, apparently never to return.  However, there may be a glimmer, a slip of redemption, on the horizon, courtesy of my supplier, Lesley Edwards of Ellie's Doll Workshop in Bournemouth.  I contacted her with details of my slippery problem and she has informed me that she is now stocking the New York Doll Products porcelain, which is made to an original Seeley's formulation.  She's even sending me some so I can test it out.

How good is that?

I'm certainly not going to let this opportunity slip through my fingers and await its arrival with bated breath, hopeful that it will cast like my beloved Seeley's, which I've been using since I was a mere slip of a lass.

So, as I slip off into the promise of a lovely, relaxing weekend, I can rest more easily, knowing that potential salvation may be just around the coroner.

Sorry, corner.

Freudian slip........ it wine o'clock yet? 


Modern Life is Rubbish said...

I'd like to shake the hand of the person who came up with the name 'New York Doll Products' - they are genius.

Anonymous said...

You are showing yer education and erudition Sandra!
Trust you not to slip up!
You are now in a no-slip condition ( fluid dynamics apparently )

But soon, you will be on the slipway ( boats )to production and will be off with great slip ( motoring term).
Keeping my eye on the ball....for the slips of course ( cricket )and here's hoping that your idea for the material from this supplier will grow from a little slip to a big tree...( horticultural).
A few more for you...
Oh yes... were you to do another post about 'slip'.... having promised not to - it might be construed as a psychological slip (a temporary return to original behaviour after treatment- my field ). :)
Sx...only joking

Sandra Morris said...

Ah, That's the new Japanese owner apparently.

Trouble is, all us dollmakers tend to use the acronym which can easily be confused with New York's Finest....

Bet the FBI and CIA are crawling all over my blog now trying to crack the code.


Sandra Morris said...


Not sure what's going on. I got 4 duplicate comments from you so they are getting through.

Hm... educated and erudite eh? Not convinced about that.

And trust you to slip in a few references to that which shall remain nameless.