Monday, 13 June 2011


It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were basking in a tropical heatwave.  I've been so cold the last few days that I've resorted to switching on my electric blanket at night to take the chill off my feet, which have felt like blocks of ice.

We even had a fire in the sitting room at the weekend, much to Small Dog's delight, especially when her basket was moved right in front of the fireplace.

So, today, back to work and I'm finally on the home straight with the interminable soft cleaning.  Of all the technical (as opposed to artistic) tasks in porcelain dollmaking, it is the one which I dislike most.  However I estimate that by Wednesday I should have finished the last tiny piece and can load up the kiln for a full bisque firing.


Thereafter, I can return to my various Research and Development projects, which have been temporarily put on hold, and upon which I've been musing while my hands have been semi-permanently immersed in tepid waterAll being well, we should have several new miniature toys to unveil in the not too distant future.

In other news, according to the letter which arrived this morning, Small Dog is due her annual health check and innoculation at the vet.

So that's something else to look forward to then.........

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