Tuesday, 28 June 2011


It has been really HOT here the past few days.  

Hot and muggy.

Hot, muggy and oppressive.

The promised thunderstorms didn't materialise yesterday and there was only the briefest of downpours today, accompanied by some distant, half-hearted thunder which has done little to alleviate the stickiness of the air.

So surely only a doofus would choose to do a kiln firing on these two consecutive days... the hottest on record since June 2006.


Thankfully the firings in question were only china paint ones, which meant the kiln getting up to around 650 degrees Celsius but the additional heat pumped throughout the house, even with windows and doors wide open was ridiculous.

No matter.  

The firing today was the final one so tomorrow I can unload and pack away the kiln then set to work on the new range of tiny toys. 

Unless of course, according to Health and Safety Regulations, it's too hot to work and I'm forced to pack a picnic and head off to the beach with PP and Small Dog........


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