Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sombre Saturday........

Despite the weather forecast predicting cloudless, blue skies and soaring temperatures, it has been resolutely grey and not at all warm today.  Every time I've listened to the forecast on the radio the promises of a return to proper summer weather have grown more and more frenzied, and apparently we should be having well good sunshine by now.

Not that I'm much bothered, as I've spend most of today in the workroom, guiltily making up for the time I took off this week.  It would appear that guilt is a much better spur than anything else as I've managed to achieve quite a lot today, completing the prototype of a new illuminated toy theatre and making serious inroads into the gargantuan task of the first china painting of all the tiny toys and dolls I fired last week.

So far so good.

One tiny ray of sunshine broke the gloom this morning when I received this gorgeous little tea set which I won on Ebay a few weeks back and which has safely made the journey all the way from Australia. 

It's a fantastic find, made by Dominique Levy from France, and created in paper thin porcelain, beautifully painted and glazed.  The mother rabbit 'teapot' even cradles a tiny little baby bunny in her arms and the tea cups have minute rabbit head handles.

Sheer perfection in miniature which is destined for my day nursery room box.  Sometimes it's the smallest things which cheer up an otherwise grey day......


Debbie said...

Love the Tea Set Sandra.
The weather is the same in Wales been bloody miserable all day, I was expecting that big Yellow thing, instead Grey and cloudy..

KT Miniatures said...

Your teaset is absolutely exquisite Sandra!!! As to weather...yep same here. The weather people got it a bit wrong didn't they? Celia