Wednesday, 1 June 2011

First day of summer.............

In my book, the first of June marks the first day of summer.  I'm very 'old school' when it comes to seasons.

March, April, May = Spring
June, July, August = Summer
September, October, November = Autumn
December, January, February = Winter

Having experienced an exceptionally warm and sunny spring, I'm hoping that the trend will continue throughout the summer.

First day back at work today, after our Bank Holiday not-so-short break, and more casting beckons.  I finished the very last of the now unavailable Seeley's porcelain slip last week, so today I'll be trialling the new Ultra Chic slip.

Lots and lots of exciting new products and projects in the pipeline so I need to have a proper organisational session later, to get all my thoughts in order and make a list.

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Anonymous said...

Medieval man had it right Sandra, otherwise why is midsummer ( 21st June ) Midsummer... don't make sense!

This means that May is summer.

Tell that to the weather Gods.