Saturday, 18 June 2011

Small Dog's worst nightmare......

Yesterday was not a good day from Small Dog's point of view.

It rained hard all day, and she HATES getting wet.  Then she had to go to the V.E.T. for her annual health check and booster vaccination and she HATES anything V.E.T. related.

Right on cue, as soon as we turned off into the drive leading down to the V.E.T she started trembling.  By the time we were in the waiting room she was shaking so much that the casual onlooker would have assumed that she was suffering from an advanced case of St. Vitus Dance.

Once in the consulting room she transforms from meek, mild-mannered sweetie into a twisting, snarling, whirling dervish, necessitating the use of the smallest size of muzzle, making her look like a small, hairy Hannibal Lecter.

V.E.T.s are made of sterner stuff though, and much to Small Dog's dismay, refuse to be intimidated by a 5lb ball of fluff, even if it does exhibit sharp incisors, and despite her  protestations she did eventually have her check up and vaccination.  

Back in the car she resolutely turned her back on us both and stared out of the window, ignoring us completely.  When we got home she stalked into the office, curled up in a ball in her basket and sulkily refused to have anything at all to do with us till dinner time.

Even then her day didn't improve as we had to give her a worming tablet, which we were assured was of a new 'chewable' type which dogs love.


It must have looked and smelt reasonably appetising because she took it with no coaxing or coercion.

Then promptly spat it out on the floor and sat looking at us, suspicion written all over her little furry face.

Undeterred, PP pushed the tablet into a piece of lightly cooked liver and offered it to Small Dog again.  She sniffed it, licked it then took it gingerly into her mouth, holding it between her front teeth, before deciding that irrespective of what was concealed within the liver, it was just too delicious to forgo, and promptly swallowed it.

She's just about forgiven us, although when I moved her off my swivel chair earlier she did grumble quite a lot, so I would say that I haven't fully redeemed myself yet.  She's currently fast asleep in her basket, paws and tail twitching.

Wonder what she's dreaming of........


Martin Lower said...

Isn't it interesting that dogs will only sulk until dinner time?

Sandra Morris said...

Small Dog is a champion sulker but can be usually be enticed out of even the most epic sulk with the offer of a gravy bone.