Thursday, 23 August 2012

Are we there yet......?

Our packing frenzy has gone into overdrive today as we're determined to get the caravan packed tonight so that all we need to do tomorrow morning is hitch up and leave.

We don't do 'camping lite'

Oh no by no nonny no.

We take everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in our little home on wheels.  Mind you, I don't think we absolutely need to take a gas BBQ, charcoal BBQ AND an electric teppanyaki grill, given the the caravan is already fully equipped with oven, grill and hob.  But as there is a slight possibility that it might not rain at some point, we like to be able to cook al fresco.

The fridge is packed to capacity, having chilled it down overnight.  We might just be able to squeeze in a waffer-thin mint but I doubt it.

Our extensive cocktail and drinks cabinet is fully stocked and ready to go.

The neatly ironed piles of clothing for every eventuality (smart, party, casual, smart/casual, hot, cold, wet, windy etc) have been carefully stowed.

It only remains to go through the several pages of lists to check that we haven't forgotten anything vital. 

Unbeknown to Small Dog, she is scheduled to have a bath later, which will not fill her with good cheer.  She keeps dragging her blankys out of her basket into the hall, presumably to remind us to take them with us.  Similarly one of her squeaky toys has been strategically placed at the top of the stairs so we must remember that too.

Now all we need is for the weather forecast to miraculously change from typical Bank Holiday Weekend weather to scorchio and I'll be happy.

I'm not holding my breath though......


Neen said...

Your caravan sounds delightfully well-equipped and cozy, and I love the updates on Small Dog's preparations for her holiday. I have a small cat who thinks she is a dog. My business involves lots of paper in my home office. Shuffling through paper always reminds Cleo (my small cat) that she must get busy and shred same papers. For some reason, that reminds me of Small Dog helping you pack by leaving squeaky toys and blankets where your feet will find them! Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Best, Neen

Karin F. said...

oh my.... sound like my type of packing! I feel that a vital item to take wherever is that kitchen sink.
Enjoy ~K