Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Computer says no......

If today is anything near as productive as yesterday I'll be a happy bunny.  Not only did I manage to complete some new toy doll's dolls yesterday, I also fixed a problem with my laptop which had been getting steadily worse for ages.

The fan was running at full tilt continuously and the whole machine was getting so hot that at times I had to switch it off and let it cool down, afeared that it would spontaneously combust.

A bit of assiduous 'Googling' presented a solution which was easy to try and sounded eminently plausible.  

So I decided to operate..... laying the laptop on it's back and taking off the back to have a good look at its innards.  Sure enough, the fan was clogged up with all sorts of icky debris.... dust, skin cells and bits of ooss  (That's Ooss - pronounced, ermm oooosss...meaning any sort of fluff or lint).

Identifying it was one thing, getting it out was quite another.  Firstly I tackled it with the brush attachment on the Dyson.  This did indeed get out most of the loose ooss, but left a trail of more deeply entrenched muck.  Using tweezers I then began pulling out chunks of dusty ooss..... so much of it that I was genuinely amazed.

After about 30 minutes I decided that I'd got as much as there was to get, gave it a final shoosh with the Dyson and screwed on the back of the laptop. 

With a certain amount of trepidation I rebooted it......


It's so very, very quiet.  The fan no longer runs continuously and the machine stays so much cooler.

Such a relatively quick and easy fix to what I feared might be an intractable problem, possibly leading to the laptop's demise

So, today, more of the same workwise.  It's grey and miserable outside again, with the promise of rain around lunchtime so I'm intending to hole up in the workroom with Radio 4 and get on with it.

Happy days.......



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