Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tupperware Tuesday......

Another grey day

When the skies stay resolutely cloudy it's like living inside Tupperware.  Which is fine if you're a tomato but not so great if you're craving sunlight.  Lots of research into MS in recent years has pointed to a lack of Vitamin D as being a contributing factor, which may account for the relatively higher levels of people who develop MS in northern latitudes where sunshine is often in short supply.

No matter.

Today I'm determined to get into the workroom and actually do something creative for a change.

Fingers crossed......


Karin F. said...

but your weather is so changeable! In Canada usually what you see in the morning is what you get all day.
I must say that Ken & I have really been lucky. The first 4 days when I was driving along the SW coast were all sunny during at the day with rain one night after I was safely ensconced in a B&B. The wedding (10th) and the next day were definitely Cdn heat & humidity.
But I can definitely sympathize! I suffer from SAD and if I lived here I'd need to take a daily happy pill.
Would taking vitamin D pills help? ...and don't you have a natural sun light?
Bottom line: you're very lucky to live in such a beautiful country. I think I enjoyed the southern coast even more than I liked the north.
hugs ~K

Sandra Morris said...


Yes you're right. Some days we can have spring, summer, autumn and winter weather all in the space of a few hours.

I suffer from SAD too, and I do have a SAD lamp which I usually start using at the beginning of October to pre-empt the effect of the clocks going forward an hour at the end of the month.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday!


Unknown said...

loved my holiday! Fab wedding as well which was the reason for our coming over in the first place.
Be thankful that there wasn't more time or you might have found me camped out on your doorstep LOL I went all the way up past Manchester to meet a lady with whom i've been internet pen pals for 4 yrs. Such a thrill to meet ...the 6 hr drive back to Sussex not so much LOL