Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Astronomical anomaly.......

I've long suspected that the workroom might contain a black hole, into which all the stuff I'm ever looking for disappears.

However, having spent several hours this morning clearing yet more shelves, cupboards and worktops, I've been forced to reassess my opinion.

I am now convinced that the room is a portal to a white hole..... the opposite of a black hole, which spews out 'stuff' then collapses.

Having been steadily emptying the room for what feels like forever, every time I turn my back on a cleared space, I find it mysteriously fills up again.

I'm finding stuff I never knew existed...... how can that happen?

It's also baffling that such a small room can hold so much..... it's like a Tardis (another impossible anomaly).  Space elsewhere in the house is gradually filling up with workroom paraphernalia, which is taking up exponentially more space outside the room than it did within it.  How can that happen?

In other news, Small Dog has finally woken up to the fact that things are afoot and we are approaching our very own event horizon.  As a result she has started pacing from office to workroom, staring dolefully at me as I trundle around with armfuls of stuff.

She's only really content when everyone is in the same room so she can keep an eye on them.  Perhaps she's worried that she might miss out on a tasty treat if she doesn't follow me around, which is hard to credit, given that she's had breakfast and lunch already today.

Incidentally, it has been drawn to my attention that there hasn't been much emphasis on making things recently.  That is a good point, well made, so should you wish to make your very own black hole, here's the recipe.

Just sayin'.......


Susan said...

Actually, I think miniaturists come complete each with their own black hole. Mine will be full of 1mm buttons...........somehow they dematerialise before your eyes at the approach of a threaded needle, never to be seen again.

Sandra Morris said...

I'm really looking forward to the point where all the cupboards and shelves are removed from the workroom. There's probably 10 years worth of lost stuff behind or under them....

You can never find a black hole when you need one.